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Customer Services

Customer Services....

Americas CourierWhen you call us, at any time, you will speak with an America’s Courier employee. Not an answering service that has no idea who you are or how urgent your needs are. Any call answered after hours will be handled directly by our dispatcher, the person who will see that your needs are fulfilled. All of our dispatchers are familiar with all of our drivers and their individual nuances. Who likes the city and who does’t? Who knows New York the best? Who drives a van, or who can operate a 24’ truck with lift gate. You get the idea.

Now technology to a certain extent may make all of our jobs a little easier, but it has always been our staff of couriers that punctuate our service. They are the backbone of our business. They too must adjust on the fly. It may be traffic they must avoid, or an emergency medical delivery that must take precedent. No problem. Our business is no different than yours. We must adapt, change and be creative, or someone else will pass us (or you!) by.

Fleet and/or Driver Absorption...

Having America's Courier handle all of your deliveries is more cost effective. We'll show you. Your company eliminates: vehicle financing, insurance, fuel and maintenance. You eliminate: a percentage of employee taxes, bonus plans, sick and personal days. Remember, we never call out. On top of that, we may be able to assume your delivery fleet and your drivers and they can deliver for us. There would be a seamless transition, since they already know the work. We can provide a lease purchase incentive for the drivers where they may operate the proper vehicle and work towards eventual ownership.

Invoicing and Reports...

We offer several options. Our courier software utilizes a SQL database with dozens of standard reports set up. These include daily and weekly analysis, on time performance tracking, invoicing and more. Custom reports can be designed within the application. In addition, since it is SQL database, Crystal Reports, the leading business intelligence application, may be used to design and generate specific reports with a wide range of information geared to your specific needs. Sharing invaluable field data learned from the delivery sites and our driver feedback will allow us to work efficiently together.

Bragging Rights

Don't take our word for it!

Of course we think we're the best courier service around. We can say it until your ears ache. It probably won't sink in. But read what some of our loyal, satisfied customers are saying. Perhaps then you'll give us a go, and experience what they already know.

Years ago Alcom used another courier. After many bumps in the road we decided to open up our vendor list. America's Courier made a very good presentation. We felt comfortable with how they would handle our needs. Well, they have far exceeded our expectations. Read More

-Eric, Traffic Manager - Alcom Printing Group

The ability to execute our mission to deliver a safe and reliable product is directly reflective of the professional service that we receive from America's Courier on a daily basis We have the utmost confidence in their ability to provide safe, competent, and reliable drivers that are able to work in our heavily regulated field. Some of our delivery requests require immediate service and America's Courier is always up to the challenge. Read More

-Christopher, Branch Supervisor CTS-Pennyslvania - Community Tissue Services

America's Courier has been one of the best companies that provides medical courier service to us from a change order or work schedule perspective. We have been able to maintain a close communication with company dispatchers and in turn these have been relayed to the drivers in a timely efficient basis.
Read More

-Peter, Director of Pharmacy Operations - Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, INC.

Your staff was able to step in and very efficiently help us complete our monthly deliveries. Our company was so pleased with the service we decided to retain your services even when our personnel returned to full staff. The savings in overtime and elimination of supervisory staff having to fill in for absent/vacationing delivery staff has been substantial. The drivers have been very professional and able to learn our policy and procedures. Read More

-Greg, President - Baird Respiratory Therapy, INC

For the past 22 months, America's Courier has been a valued carrier in the Philadelphia area. As you can imagine, Philadelphia can be one of the most demanding and high profile markets in the nation. Not only has America's Courier been able to handle the large and increasing loads, they have been able to maintain one of the best on-time delivery percentages. Read More

-Buzz, Sourcing Manager - Priority Solutions International

For the past three years, America's Courier has been the exclusive courier for NeighborCare® At Home, lending support to four of our locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia. They have been extremely reliable whether it is a last minute rush delivery or pre-scheduled deliveries that have been as many as 90 in one day. Read More

-Chris, Director of Operations - Omni Care

For the past four years they (America's Courier) have been the exclusive courier for our home infusion division. 24/7, America's Courier completes over 100 Deliveries a day for us, with an on time percentage over 97%. Read More

-Femi, General Manager - Omni Care

I have used America's Courier for the delivery of intravenous medications and supplies for over two years and have been exceedingly happy with their service. I have used their services for emergency deliveries and for a replacement for my full time drivers when they are on vacation. Their drivers are very professional and courteous. Read More

-Ann, Director of Pharmacy - OptionCare

What a pleasure it is working with your company! I wanted to thank America's Courier for the outstanding service you have provided to long Forms for the past two (2) years. Numerous comments have been received regarding your courteous and professional service. Read More

-Deborah, Shipping Coordinator - Long Forms INC.

Any Time

Any Time......

Americas CourierWho gets the call to deliver urgent medicine to children? We do. When pain easing or life sustaining medicine is needed at all hours for the elderly, on behalf of the nation's largest home healthcare provider, whom do they call? Again, it's America's Courier. The largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and their over 1,500 sales reps also rely on us to get the job done, meeting their stringent delivery windows. And the world's largest home shopping network trust us to keep orders flowing smoothly.

These are just a few examples of our customer's demands we meet and exceed every day, at all times. And remember, it is always an America's Courier employee taking your important call and a uniformed driver completing your delivery. Guaranteed.

Emergency Procedures...

We monitor weather and traffic stations to plan for potential emergencies and we are equipped with a full range of vehicles. When road conditions become poor we use larger, four-wheel drive vehicles instead of cars. We are considered "emergency vehicles" when delivering medicine, so our drivers can legally operate on the roads when the state has closed the highways. Furthermore, we offer inclement weather incentives to our drivers so they step up and endure the elements.

What We Do

What we do…

Americas Courier Let’s be honest. The courier business is not rocket science. Basically, we pick it up and deliver it when we say we will. Right? However, it’s the attention to detail along the way that separates the so-so from the superior (stuff we won’t bore you with). Whether it’s a STAT job, or you need a driver at the last minute to fill in for your company, or request us to complete your routed deliveries, we’re up for the challenge. America’s Courier is prepared to handle any changes that may occur in fulfilling our service. Our state of the art courier software works allows us to monitor our timely pick-up and delivery. Two-way radios ensure constant communication. Both make certain we know where our courier and your package are up to the minute.

We will place the right vehicle with the appropriate route. Cargo vans are our preferred vehicle for route work and cars for STAT work. With a full range of vehicles from cars to vans to box trucks, we are able to accommodate any delivery. All vehicles must pass our approval. This is a way of maintaining our reliability. All vehicles must have working air conditioning and heat. The vehicles are inspected regularly for safety compliance and reliability. All vehicle service issues are addressed immediately.

Dispatch is equipped: software, maps, two-way radios, cell phone, numbers for all our customers, numbers and directions for all of our routes. There is no excuse for a delivery address to not be located and/or a package to be delivered on time, excluding extreme acts of nature. And always delivered with pride!